Fox Theater Event Center


Opened on September 6, 1940, The Fox Theater, a Boller Brothers Theater, quickly became an important fixture in downtown Sedalia.

Situated along the courthouse square, the theater had a distinctly visible location within downtown and boasted premium accommodations that were step up from other local theaters, such as, the Uptown Theater.

With 900 seats, grand balcony and lavish décor, The Fox Theater cost a $75,000 to build and quickly became downtown Sedalia’s premier social scene for movie entertainment. The exterior of the theater was adorned with black, reflective glass, and lighted marquee, beneath which patrons entered through the manned ticket booth.

In March 1948, the theater held the world premier of “Scudda Hoo, Scudda Hay’s”. The picture’s Hollywood stars Lon McCallister, June Harver, Jeanne Crain and Betty Ann Lynn attending the screening and took to the streets of downtown Sedalia to watch the celebratory parade in honor of the affair.

The Fox Theater continued as a working theater until the early 1980’s. The building was abandoned and, unfortunately, deteriorated due to the elements of time, destroying many of the theater’s unique characteristics.

Purchased by Furnell Companies in 2006, the building’s façade experienced a much-needed facelift to reflect the historical character the theater once possessed. The interior was transformed into a lavish event center, designed to house special occasion events, business functions or other private events.